Hi, this is my Showreel, featuring works as director, filmmaker and editor.

Mask To Be

Pollution is one of the prime environmental factors that puts to risk global health: reducing people’s life span; diminishing respiratory functions; increasing the risk of developing respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, other than causing an increase in tumors.
According to the European Environmental Agency, the majority of european citizens are continuously exposed to environmental pollutants considered to be harmful for health by the World Health Organization (WHO).
The Particulate matter (PM) represents the most harmful element for health: it contains coarse dust or PM10, particles of a diameter inferior to 10 micrometers able to infiltrate the upper section of the respiratory system (from the nose to the larynx); fine and ultra-fine dust particles (PM2,5 and PM0,1 – with a diameter inferior to 2,5 and 0,1 micrometers, respectively) particularly harmful as they can penetrate the lungs. Dust particles originate from combustion gases (exhaust gases of diesel or gasoline vehicles, industrial processes, electrical production, domestic heating).

A Project by
Directed by Sina Pouyan
Photography, Filming and Editing by Sina Pouyan
Music: Transitional Ballistics by Kangding Ray
Special thanks to our beautiful and talented Cast & Crew

A Voyage Through Amos Gitai: Strade | Ways

Exhibition: Amos Gitai: Strade | Ways
Installation: Sala delle Cariatidi, Palazzo Reale, Milan
Production: Moshe Tabibnia Gallery in associatin with Palazzo Reale

Produced and Directed by Sina Pouyan and Soheil Raheli
Edited by Sina Pouyan
Music: based on ‘Sinai Desert’ by Johan Soderqvist
Assistants: Nikoo Nikookari, Hanie Gordani

Piano City Milano 2018

Piano City Milano 2018 at Senato Hotel Milano
Musicians: Lorenzo Bovitutti and Chiara Frigo

Video by Sina Pouyan and Amir Farzad
Edited by Sina Pouyan

Sidernetworld – 3D Commercial Teaser

A commercial teaser ordered by

Video by Sina Pouyan
After effects and Edited by Sina Pouyan

SidernetWorld – 2D Visual Presentation

A 2D Visual Presentaion ordered by

Video by Sina Pouyan
After effects by Sina Pouyan


Directed by Sina Pouyan
Filmed and edited by Sina Pouyan
Written by Roxana-oana Pintea
Cast: Xianglu Yu
Project coordinator: Alessandro Turci
Costume: Patricia Opincariu, Lyess Djouder
Make up and Hair stylist: Xinyi Xu
Music: “ït’s ok, you’re ok” performed by BONJR


Directed by Sina Pouyan
Filmed and edited by Sina Pouyan
Written and designed by: Patricia Opincariu
Cast: Sergio Martinez Sahagun, Patricia Opincariu
Project coordinator: Alessandro Turci
Costume: Charlotte Marie Kuhn
Sound Design and mixing: Lyess Djouder
Set Design: Maya Guzy
Make up and Hair stylist: Xinyi Xu

ELAWIATR ”New Renaissance” | ”Nuovo Rinascimento”

A Conceptual Art Project by Ela Wiatr

Video by Ela Wiatr
Photography and Edited by Sina Pouyan
Makeup and Hair Stylist: Nikoo Nikookari
Special thanks to Ars Antiqua | Federico Bulgarini

THERE IS NO WAY (Rahi Nist) – Short Film

The movie focuses on one day, in the lives of two young Iranians residing in Europe and the complex decisions they need to make, in their dealings with their loved ones back in Iran and the challenges of settling in a new country.

Nominated by Farhang Foundation Short Film Festival 2014.

A Film by Sina Pouyan and Ahmadreza Hajizadeh
Camera: Sina Pouyan and Ahmadreza hajizadeh
Edited by Sina Pouyan

Iranian Jazz Night – Documentary

On April 6th, 2013, Dogme ART organized “Iranian Jazz Night” in Milan Conservatory under the patronage of Municipality of Milan.

Paris based Jazz Pianist Arshid Azarine, well-known percussionist Habib Meftah Boushehri, vocalist and songwriter Golnar Shahyar (based in Vienna) and famous Jazz Guitarist and Composer Mahan Mirarab (based in Vienna) were invited to perform their art in Milan that night. This concert was organized in Milan Conservatory’s Sala Puccini with capacity of 400 guests. In this event, Arshid and Habib shared the same stage for a whole concert with Vienna based Duo, Mahan and Golnar for the first time.

A Short Documentary by Sina Pouyan
Edited by Sina Pouyan

BINF fashion show – Milan Fashion Week, S/S 2016

BINF fashion show
Milan Fashion Week, S/S 2016
Naira Khachatryan, Mauro Gasperi, Amami, G3N3, Alcoolique, Tu.Tino, La Cles, Divissima, MADAMI

Video by Sina Pouyan
Project by Samina Seyed

Matter by MK Design

Matter is a collection of containers made of sugar by Iranian designer Mona Khajavi.

Video by Sina Pouyan
Editor: Sina Pouyan

A Visual CV

A Creative visual CV

Video by Sina Pouyan
Editor: Sina Pouyan


A Conceptual video by Sina Pouyan, Romy Arden Lanel and Laura Migliano.

Cloudy City

Cloudy City by Kiosk – Conceptual Music Video

1st place winner Kiosk Video Contest 2012.

A video by Sina Pouyan and Shervin Fekri

Gusto 17

A Commercial video for Gusto 17 | Il Gelato

Video by Sina Pouyan
Editor: Sina Pouyan